Family hopes to become part of and fight for the community

Located just north of Isle’s public water access, McQuoid’s Inn is one of the more prominent landmarks when approaching Isle along Hwy. 47. Though it has stood outside Isle for years, this familiar resort has just recently seen new management. Since September 2017, McQuoid’s Inn has been under the ownership of Tim and Cindy Potoczny. The Potocznys are eager to do what they can to help the area thrive, and they also hope to become a part of the local community.

The Potocznys are originally from the Chicago area, where Tim was co-owner in a trucking company. Cindy said the family had dreamed of owning a resort for years. Following Tim selling his stake in the trucking company, they began considering their options to start the next chapter of their lives. They had looked at around 30 resorts before settling on McQuoid’s Inn. “We had never seen anything like it. You know how to have fun in the winter around here,” Cindy said. The Potocznys had also considered their young son, Joey, who they would like to grow up among the outdoors.

“What Terry [McQuoid] built was fairly foolproof in terms of being a resort,” Cindy said, explaining that the Potocznys didn’t want to drastically alter what the resort had previously offered. Some changes had been made, however, including updating the hotel rooms with new TVs and bedding. ATV rentals have been added as well. Being family-friendly was another goal the Potocznys had. To that end, they had revamped one of the resort’s meeting rooms into a children’s play area. Though they hadn’t made any additions to this season’s winter activities, still offering snowmobiles and ice guides, they were looking into potentially bringing in kite skating next winter.

Tom and Cindy also discussed future plans they had for the resort. Cindy said she would like to see a small cafe added to the resort at some point in the future. She wasn’t envisioning a full scale restaurant, rather a place to offer guests lunch to-go before they headed off to the lake. The Potocznys decided to keep both the name and the staff, who Cindy described as wonderful.

Resort ownership had not come without its share of challenges, and the Potocznys are in the process of adapting, listening and learning from people in the area. Wanting to help the fishery, they had been promoting bass fishing to draw in anglers. Tim said he had also been in contact with several outdoors shows to see if they could promote the lake to a larger audience.

Among the reasons the Potocznys had chosen McQuoid’s Inn and Mille Lacs, they had felt there was truly a community in the area for them to be a part. “I think it’s important that people know that we aren’t trying to come in and make huge changes,” Cindy said. “We want to keep the integrity of what this place was, and we want to be a part of the community.”

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