Bob Koelfgen - Snacks on Mille Lacs

Deli face-lift

Snacks on Mille Lacs owner Bob Koelfgen stands beside the in-progress renovation of the store’s service counter.

For several weeks now, the doors at Snacks on Mille Lacs, an eatery on Main Street in Isle, have been closed. However, as a “kitchen closed for renovations” sign on the door suggests, the interior has not remained dormant. With the project halfway underway, owner Bob Koelfgen spoke to what changes customers can expect when sandwich and coffee shop re-opens this month.

“We’re adding a lot,” Koelfgen said. The expanded kitchen will include a new selection of organic options, such as breads and a variety of fruits and vegetable – as Koelfgen described them “wholesome-type foods.”

The store’s previous selection of sandwiches and coffee beverages will remain the same. One new option customers will have, however, was grab-and-go a la carte items. New items Koelfgen listed included parfaits, fruit cups and daily pre-made sandwich specials. While Koelfgen’s neighboring establishment, Beckham’s Bar and Bistro, will continue to offer the lunch specials previously available at Snacks on Mille Lacs, the sandwich shop specials will now largely consist of these a la carte items.

The store will also be adding a soft-serve ice cream machine. The new ice cream options brought to the menu will include shakes, malts and sundaes. Other additions to the beverage menu were in store, like cold brew and vegetable juice drinks.

Beyond these new menu options, the shop’s interior will see some remodeling as well. “We’ve got new flooring, new equipment, new everything,” Koelfgen said. Among other changes, the shop will add a window facing coffee bar that could seat up to eight people. Once the renovations are done, Koelfgen added that shop will seat just as many customers as it did previously, if not more.

New display cases are to be installed and will feature a selection of retail items. The shop will now be selling local whole food items, such as honey, jams and both ground and whole coffee beans.

While the exact date for Snacks on Mille Lacs’ re-opening was as of press time tentative, Koelfgen stated it should be happening around mid-April. With renovations proceeding along, travelers along Isle Main Street many soon have options both old and new to try for lunch.

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