With autumn just weeks away, dock and lift removal is a fast approaching chore for many lakeside residents. This year, those in need of dock and lift removal in the Mille Lacs area will have a new option. Taylor Lake Services, owned by Isle local Brad Taylor, has just started their operation as of this August. As Taylor explained, they are filling the need for a lake service provider in the local area.

Taylor Lake Services began their operation as of Aug. 15. As a lake service provider, the business will offer both installation and removal of docks and lifts, as well as dock and lift repair. By next spring, the business plans to sell docks and lifts.

“Everyone knows that chore [of removing a dock] is difficult without the right equipment,” Taylor said. Accomplishing the task manually could require as many five or six people working in tandem, he observed. “It’s cold and it’s nasty, whereas you can lift an entire boat lift using [a barge] with just one person.” Taylor Lake Services does their work using just such a barge. In the Brainerd Lakes area, Taylor added, dozens of lake service providers were using barges to do their business, but his is the first for the shores of Mille Lacs.

Taylor noted there are several service providers who also perform operations on Mille Lacs. “But everyone’s always looking for someone to get things done in a timely fashion,” he said. “There’s room for more service. I wanted to do it, and I wanted to bring the right equipment to the job.”

Taylor stated Mille Lacs posed a handful of unique challenges. “It’s got wind. It’s got rocks. It’s got sand. It’s got all sorts of different landscapes.” When individuals living on Mille Lacs reach out to service providers working out of the Brainerd and Aitkin areas, they end up having to compete with those at smaller lakes to the north. “So there’s a demand for the service,” Taylor said.

Taylor has had a cabin on Mille Lacs for 12 years, and he has lived in the area for roughly 10 years. Taylor Lake Services is also a family business, he noted. His son, Jack, is involved in the work of removal and installation. His wife and daughter, Cherice and Anna, have also been involved, running the business’s social media. “We are hoping to have the whole family involved in one way or another,” he said.

Looking to the future, Taylor said his primary goal was “trying to grow the lake service provider business here on Mille Lacs,” a service he has seen great need for and stepped up to provide.

Those looking to get hold of Taylor Lake Services can visit their website (taylorlakeservices.com) or call at (320) 674-0909. The business can also be found on Facebook (@taylorlakeservices) and on Instagram.

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