A Brainerd man, Michael Cox, 40, was charged with a felony count of feeling a peace officer for an incident on Jan. 28.

According to the complaint, a Mille Lacs Tribal officer attempted to pull over a vehicle with only one operational headlight while on patrol in Onamia around 10:25 p.m.

After the officer activated his emergency lights to initiate the traffic stop, the vehicle continued to travel westbound on 452nd Street at increased speeds.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop in a cul-de-sac on South Whitefish Road and the driver, later identified as Cox, exited the vehicle and ran on foot westbound into a wooded area.

Officers remained on scene as the vehicle was occupied by three individuals, one of which informed officers that Cox was her boyfriend and that he was the driver.

Officers were informed that Cox was a wanted fugitive by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

According to the complaint, once a Mille Lacs County deputy arrived, the officers followed a fresh set of foot tracks to a residence and made contact with an individual who told officers that he transported a male who came to his door around 11 p.m. to a residence just south of 460th street on Hwy 169.

Officers responded to the area and located a resident matching the individual’s description.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers knocked and announced multiple times with no response. Officers then forced entry into the residence.

Officers located Cox in a bedroom in the residence and he was placed under arrest.

Cox has been charged with felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, which carries a maximum sentence of three years and one day in prison and/or $5,000 fine, and a misdemeanor fleeing a peace officer by a means other than a motor vehicle, which carries a maximum sentence of 90 days and/or $1,000 fine.

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