Isle City Council meeting - Mark Reichel

Isle Police Chief Mark Reichel updates Isle City Council on July incidents.

Isle Chief of Police Mark Reichel reported on the city’s incidents for the month of July to the Isle City Council Tuesday, Aug. 13. Reichel highlighted a number of incidents including a vehicle driving through the city at 82 mph in which the driver was arrested for a felony fifth degree controlled substance and a gross misdemeanor for carrying a weapon without a permit. Reichel also noted that there is now a Domestic Violence Court (DVC) set up through the county with a handful of people from the city utilizing the program to work toward rehabilitation from domestic abuse. The police department checked on individuals that are enrolled in the DVC program. These individuals are a part of a very strict program through Mille Lacs County Court. If the individuals don’t comply when law enforcement arrives or if they violate their conditions, they go back to jail.

In the way of community contact, Reichel noted that city police handed out two emergency food boxes to families in need. Police also did business contacts to hear any concerns that local businesses might have and reported that positive information was relayed. City police also notified campers of severe weather approaching Isle.

The following list provides short summaries of some of the city’s calls:

Suspicious activity

Police responded to an address on Naawaakwaa Street to a report that an individual walked into a residence naked and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. The incident was turned over to tribal police. Police also responded to reports at an address on Third Avenue that someone had thrown a watermelon on the homeowner’s deck. Upon the officer’s arrival, he met with the homeowner. The officer was told she heard a noise from the deck area, and when she looked out on the patio, she saw the smashed watermelon. The officer checked the area and couldn’t locate anyone.

Agency assist

The city police assisted the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office with executing a search warrant. The individual was arrested and wanted for not appearing for his sentencing hearing. The department also assisted the sheriff’s office with a motor vehicle accident on Hwy. 47 which involved a car and a tractor. Also assisting the sheriff’s office, the department responded to a call for a disturbance where a knife and gun were potentially involved.


The police department responded to the Isle High School for interior alarms. Upon the officer’s arrival, the building was secure. The key holder arrived, and as they were clearing the building, they found a student playing basketball in the gym. The student had permission to be in the building but forgot to disable the alarm. Officers also responded to alarms being activated at a local store and an address on North Scenic Drive with no signs of a forced entry upon arrival.

Juvenile complaints

The police department while patrolling came across kids jumping off the Malone Island Bridge. The kids were told they can’t jump off the bridge because of the danger of injurying themselves hitting the boulders. The kids were told to go to the city park to swim. Most of the kids understood, but there were a couple of them that “had an attitude.” Police also responded to a report of kids pushing a construction barrel on Malone Island Drive. Upon arrival of the police, the kids were gone.

Criminal damage to property

The police department took a report that someone etched “cops are b*tches” on the railing at the Malone Island Bridge. There are no suspects at the time, but law enforcement believes it may be related to someone being upset with officers not allowing them to jump off the bridge. Police also took a report that a bench by the bakery was damaged. The public works department repaired the bench.

Domestic assault

The police department responded to an address on Naawaakwaa Street for a domestic call where a female was assaulted by her boyfriend. The victim said she thought she was going to die. The suspect was located and arrested.

Driving complaints

The police department responded to a complaint that a vehicle whipped a U-turn at a high rate of speed on Main Street. The officer located the vehicle, made a traffic stop and had a conversation about the driver’s conduct since the officer didn’t witness the conduct.


The police department responded to a local business for a baggy of marijuana that was found in their parking lot.

Family services

The police department responded to reports of an alleged vulnerable adult maltreatment and a prenatal exposure to controlled substances.

Fraud-forgery scam

The department responded to a gas station in town to talk to the store employee about a fraud complaint. It was reported that an individual called the store and had Visa gift cards that he wanted activated over the phone. The store employee told the person he would not do that unless he came into the store. The individual never came to the store, and the phone number was from Alabama. The police department also responded to a local gas station about an individual purchasing $1,000 in Amazon gift cards. The person said she won $65,000, and she had to spend $1,000 in gift cards to claim her prize money. The store employee told the individual that she was being scammed, but the individual insisted and purchased the gift cards. The individual was not located. The police department also responded to a counterfeit $100 bill that a local tenant paid his rent with. The tenant stated he didn’t know where the counterfeit bill came from, the officer confiscated the bill, paper work was completed, and the secret service was notified.

Gas drive off

Police responded to a gas drive off at Trailside Bait and Tackle where a customer filled up a U-Haul truck and then told the store personnel that he didn’t have the money to pay for the fuel. The store employee said he made arrangements with the customer to come back and pay the next day. Since an agreement was made between the two parties, this incident turned into a civil case, not criminal. If the store employee would have called the police before making the agreement, they would have issued the individual a citation for theft, and once the individual paid the bill, the citation would have been cancelled.

Unwanted person

Police responded to addresses on Wohbegon Drive, Naawaakwaa Street and Sam Drive to remove unwanted persons. All were removed from the property. The individual removed from the Naawaakwaa address had a warrant for her arrest and was placed in custody. Police responded to another address on Naawaakwaa Street to remove two individuals from the property. Upon the officer’s arrival, the two individuals had fled. The officer was told there was an Order for Protection in place between the two parties. The officer patrolled the area and found the male party behind the Chiminising Community Center lying on the ground. When the individual saw the officer, he then got up and ran into the woods. The officer then chased him and cut him off. The individual was then arrested for the violation and fleeing an officer on foot.


Thefts were reported from Dollar General and an address on West Isle Street. A stolen credit card was also reported.


The police department responded to a local grocery store for a motor vehicle accident where a vehicle pulled into the parking space and hit another vehicle causing damage to the front bumper. There were no injuries. Police also responded to a local motel for a motor vehicle accident in the back alley. One vehicle backed into another with no injuries.

Animal complaint

The city police department responded to the Isle Muni for a dog running at large in the parking lot. Upon arrival, the office recognized the dog and transported the dog back to its owner. The owner told the officer the dog got off its collar. An officer responded to another dog running at large on West Isle Street. The officer recognized the dog and returned it to its owner. The owner said it ran through invisible fencing. An officer responded to East Superior Street to a dog running at large. The officer didn’t recognize the dog, and animal control was contacted. The dog was picked up.

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