At the Isle City Council’s meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 10, police chief Mark Reichel provided a report on his department’s operations for the previous month. In January, the Isle Police Department responded to 249 calls. Selections from the February report include:


The department responded to a report of a motor vehicle hit-and-run accident at Isle High School. The individual who hit the vehicle and ran returned to the school later that day, and information was exchanged between the parties involved. A report was sent forward for review due to individual initially leaving the scene.

The department also responded to a vehicle in the ditch. Upon arrival, the officer detected an odor of alcohol, and the driver had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. The driver refused to submit to field sobriety tests. They were transported to Onamia hospital, medically cleared, and then taken to jail with charges for DWI and controlled substance possession. The vehicle will go through the forfeiture process.


The department responded to an address on Poplar Street, where a screen had been removed from a window to enter a house. All that was taken from the property was a Playstation 4. Reichel’s report indicated there were several persons of interest who would be contacted about the theft.

Criminal damage to property

The department responded to two different incidents at the Isle Recreation and Education Center. At the first incident, a vehicle had been egged. The department located two individuals who admitted egging the vehicle, and charges have been sent forward. At the second incident, the department was called in regarding a snowmobile that had been tampered with. Video surveillance was able to identify the individuals who damaged the sled, and charges were issued.


The department responded to an address on Superior Street where a couple had been arguing, with a male party involved having broken property. Upon arrival, the officer learned that both parties were on the lease, so neither could be removed. The broken property had belonged to the male in question. Nothing criminal had occurred, and the officer stayed to mediate the situation with no further issues.

Garbage dumping

The department received a complaint about garbage dumping at a Main Street address. Upon arrival, the officer was told by the owner that someone had thrown broken down boxes in his dumpster. The responsible party was identified through a name on one of the boxes, and she admitted to dumping the boxes. The woman then reached out to the owner via phone, and the issue was resolved following their conversation.

Stolen vehicle

An officer identified a vehicle stolen out of Morrison County, arresting the driver with a felony charge for the theft.

Juvenile complaints

Students at Isle High School were issued state citations for tobacco possession.

Suspicious activity

An officer responded to a call on Naawaakwaa Street about a male party approaching various doors. Upon the officer’s arrival, the individual was gone. The officer spoke with the reporting party, who stated she didn’t like it when people came to her door. The officer stayed and watched the area for a while after. The department received another call regarding individuals sleeping in the hallway at a Main Street address, but the call came in after the individuals had left.

Motorist assists

An officer stopped to assist a driver having transmission issues and arranged to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. At another stop, a driver was attempting to start a snowmobile alongside the road when the pull rope broke. Approaching to help, the officer detected the smell of alcohol, and the driver was having difficulty standing. A preliminary breath test showed BAC at .365. The driver was arrested for DWI.


At a traffic stop for equipment violations, the driver was cited driving after a license revocation and for having no insurance on the vehicle. The vehicle was towed, and a passenger was arrested on multiple warrants.

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