On the early morning of Sept. 3, officers responded to a threats complaint at an Onamia address, where a woman claimed a shirtless man had threatened her with a gun. The Mille Lacs County SWAT team was deployed to the address, eventually leading to the arrest of Jeramy William Corwin, 35, of Onamia.

According to the complaint:

Just after midnight of Sept. 3, law enforcement received an emergency call regarding a threats complaint. A woman indicated that Corwin had threatened her with a handgun. She provided a description of Corwin to law enforcement while they were en route, stating he was shirtless and wearing blue jeans.

Upon arriving at the address, an officer observed a shirtless male matching Corwin’s description running towards them. The officer shouted for Corwin to stop, but he continued into a nearby trailer on the lot. Officers set up a perimeter around the trailer. The reporting female lived nearby, and she informed officers that Corwin had come to her work looking to buy marijuana.

She had then gone to work at a nearby residence at 11:30 p.m. on Sept 2. Corwin had been at this location before she arrived but then left before her. She stated Corwin had been upset when she couldn’t find him any marijuana. Upon leaving the residence, she observed that her tires had been slashed and Corwin was on a nearby porch. She told Corwin she was going to call the police about her tires, and he became angry, beginning to swear at her.

He walked toward her, producing a black handgun, and stated, “Let’s do this,” according to the report. The woman said that Corwin had been five feet away and pointing the gun at her with his right hand. Afraid, the woman went back inside the residence, and she and the other occupants watched Corwin walk around to the bay window. Still holding the gun, he continued to yell at the woman.

Another man inside the location stated that the gun had been a .22 gauge and he had seen Corwin chamber a bullet.

Due to the presence of the firearm, Mille Lacs County SWAT was called to the scene and ordered the occupants of the residence that Corwin had run into to exit. Another male occupant exited, stating that Corwin and another woman were still inside. Using a public address system, law enforcement continued to order occupants to exit. Eventually, the woman exited. Corwin remained inside.

Law enforcement learned that Corwin was sleeping inside the residence, and the other occupants stated they had not seen Corwin with a handgun. The SWAT team entered the residence and found Corwin on the couch. According to the complaint, he was escorted to the floor and began resisting arrest. One officer had hold of Corwin by the arm, and Corwin kept pulling away. A taser was deployed to get Corwin under control.

Cowin admitted that he had been at another nearby residence and drinking alcohol. He stated an argument had occurred over a game or about walking on the neighbor’s grass. He provided no further information, and the officers did not locate the firearm at the residence.

Corwin has been charged with one felony count of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, which carries a maximum sentence of seven years and/or a $14,000 fine; one misdemeanor count of fleeing a peace officer by means other than a motor vehicle, which carries a maximum sentence of 90 days and/or a $1,000 fine; and one misdemeanor count of obstructing legal process by interfering with a peace officer, which carries a maximum sentence of 90 days and/or a $1,000 fine.

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