On or about Aug. 20, an officer responded to an address on 118th Avenue in Onamia, following reports of a domestic assault. Shortly after, a traffic stop resulted in the arrest of Brandon Louis Wade, 41, of Onamia, on charges related to the assault.

According to the complaint:

Upon arrival at the address, the officer met a resident who spoke on having been assaulted by Wade. The resident had redness and swelling under the left eye, and the left eye was bloodshot.

The individual advised that they had been struck under the eye with the handle of either an axe or hammer, which was described as red and about 18 inches long, possibly with tape on it. Wade then left the residence with the handle. The complaint states that both Wade and the resident have children in common.

A witness at the residence reported that Wade had the above individual by the hair and the weapon in hand. When this witness told Wade they were calling the police, Wade left the house in an occupied vehicle that had been parked in the driveway.

The complaint indicates that Wade was detained at a traffic stop at this time. Wade refused to speak with the officers about the assault and was arrested. An occupant in the vehicle advised that Wade had thrown out the axe handle at a nearby intersection. Searching this intersection, officers were able to locate the handle in the ditch.

Wade has been charged with one felony count of domestic assault, which carries a maximum sentence five years and/or a $10,000 fine. Wade was previously convicted with a misdemeanor domestic assault and a misdemeanor fifth-degree assault, both in 2015.

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