An Onamia man, Roy Allen Eagle, 41, is being charged with a felony count of second degree assault with a deadly weapon and two misdemeanor domestic assault charges for an incident occurring on Thursday, July 18.

According to the complaint:

On Monday, July 22, the victim reported to the Mille Lacs Tribal Police Department a domestic assault that occurred in Onamia on or about July 18. The victim reported that Eagle got mad at her for burning popcorn and began yelling at her and calling her degrading names. The victim stated she attempted to stop the confrontation by going into the bathroom. According to the complaint, Eagle followed her and began pounding on the locked bathroom door and forced his way into the bathroom thereby ripping the door completely off the hinges.

The report stated that once Eagle was inside the bathroom, he punched the victim in the face with a closed fist and slapped her with an open hand. Eagle then grabbed the victim, throwing her on the floor and proceeding to kick her approximately 30 to 40 times with steel toed boots, according to the complaint. The defendant was yelling at the victim during the incident and told her that he should leave her half dead on the floor, and if the cops got called, he was going to make it worth it, the report stated.

The victim had bruising around her eye where she was punched with significant amounts of bruising on her body including on her arms, legs, shoulders, and back.

Eagle has assault and domestic assault convictions stemming back to 2001.

The second degree assault charge comes with a maximum sentence of 7 years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine. The two domestic assault charges come with a maximum jail sentence of 90 days and/or a $1,000 fine.

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