The Onamia Police Department had 12 calls for service to the Mille Lacs Nexus Academy in December, which included the department’s five total reports of assault for the month.

The incidents law enforcement responded to included two reports of runaways, both returned to the facility, and two suicide attempts.

A Dec. 23 incident saw two staff members assaulted with one sustaining serious enough injuries to be sent to the emergency room. The minor was charged with felony assault, felony terroristic threats and fourth-degree gross misdemeanor assault of a school official.

Officers also responded to a Dec. 29 incident on reports of minors assaulting other minors in the Nexus program along with flipping tables in the facility. Officers arrived and maintained the peace for over an hour and a half by doing walk-throughs and providing security. No injuries to staff or minors were noted by officers.

A Dec. 23 incident that law enforcement responded to including a juvenile in the Nexus program that had to be restrained by staff after an earlier incident where the minor made threats that included hitting people with a canoe paddle. The juvenile also got feces on staff members, according to the incident report.

A threats complaint that was reported Dec. 7 to the department from the academy initially said a call was made Dec. 6 that threatened to rob the facility within 24 hours with “AK47s and some glocks.” The incident report states it’s unknown why it took so long to report the threat. According to the incident report, a Nexus staff member called the police department to cancel the incident because the Nexus “IT Department had determined the call came internally from one of the program’s facilities.” The Onamia Police Department did not respond, and the call was handled by the county, according to the incident report.

There was one DWI reported by the Onamia Police Department and a DUI for meth impairment for the month of December.

Officers responded to four calls of child abuse or neglect, including a report of foster parents withholding food from a child.

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