An Onamia woman, Jessica Miller, 30, has been charged with a felony count of depriving parent custody rights for refusing to return a minor for an incident on Oct. 29.

According to the complaint, Miller had been given permission to bring the minor to school, but Miller did not do so. Instead, Miller told the minor’s guardian that she was on her way back to the house several times but never arrived and eventually stopped responding to the guardian’s phone calls.

An officer with the Mille Lacs Tribal Police Department was able to make contact with Miller, who said she was in the Isle area and would bring back the minor in about 30 minutes but did not do so.

The officer was able to locate Miller in the St. Cloud area after having a phone company do an emergency ping on Miller’s phone number.

The following day, the officer received text messages between the guardian and Miller where the guardian asked Miller to bring the minor back home and Miller claimed to be in the Hinckley area.

According to the complaint, the officer felt that Miller was not being truthful and relayed information to another tribal officer that was in St. Cloud looking for Miller and the minor, who eventually found both of them in St. Cloud where Miller was arrested.

Miller faces a felony charge of Deprive-Custody/Parents Rights-Refuse Return Minor which carries a maximum prison sentence of two years and/or a $4,000 fine.

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