Onamia City Hall

Of the nine assaults the Onamia police department responded to in October, eight are associated with an address for Mille Lacs Nexus Academy, including one Oct. 25 incident where a Nexus Academy staff member was punched and bit. All of the assaults at the Nexus Academy that list a description, were assaults against staff, faculty or other youths in the program.

One assault complaint at another location was the result of a female bar patron who assaulted another patron on the street outside of a bar on Main Street. The woman was arrested and her preliminary breath test was .164.

Vulnerable people

The Onamia Police Department responded to three child mistreatment complaints, including one where living conditions were allegedly dirty and unsafe, and the parent was eight months pregnant and using drugs. Another complaint alleged physical abuse.

Onamia officers also responded to a vulnerable adult report in which an elderly female victim was being financially exploited by a family member.


Law enforcement responded to a report of a burglary at a business on Oct. 31. A door was broken into and a total of $502 was taken along with keys used to access other doors in the building. DNA swabs were taken by the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s office to be submitted to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for processing.


There were four DUI/DWI arrests for the month of October, which included a driver who was arrested for methamphetamine impairment and two felony warrants on Oct. 18. Officers obtained a search warrant for a blood test and found a methamphetamine pipe in their vehicle.

In a separate Oct. 8 incident, a vehicle passenger was arrested for giving a false name and date of birth to a peace officer. The passenger was found to have a felony warrant for theft.

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