Mille Lacs Nexus Academy

Minor threatens to harm staff members

A Mille Lacs Nexus Academy juvenile resident has been charged with multiple felonies stemming from an incident at the academy Dec. 23 that resulted in at least one staff member being treated at the ER in the Onamia hospital.

One staff member provided a statement to police that she was being treated for a possible dislocated jaw and other injuries.

According to the police report, the same staff member told law enforcement that the resident had been acting aggressively most of the afternoon and at one point starting to push her and make verbal threats towards her and other staff.

The staff member requested other staff to try and deescalate the situation. Several physical holds were placed on the resident, but the resident was strong enough to break free.

According to the police report, the minor resident told the staff member he would kill her and other staff by breaking their necks.

When the staff member tried to place a hold on the resident from behind, the resident jerked his head back, hitting the staff member’s face.

According to the police report, the staff member said the resident has previously injured staff and made threatening comments.

Mille Lacs Nexus Academy Program Director Kevin Bollin told police that he was aware of the incident and of the resident’s prior history. Bollin told police that it was now unsafe to keep the resident in the facility and the academy would request that the resident be relocated to another facility.

Bollin acknowledged to police that he was aware that staff members had told him previously that they feared working with the resident.

Another staff member sustained neck and eye injuries from the incident involving the resident.

The resident admitted to police that he threatened and injured staff, explaining that he was angry.

The resident was transported to the Regional Juvenile Center in Lino Lakes.

The resident was charged with third-degree felony assault, felony terroristic threats and fourth-degree assault of a school official.

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