Sheriff’s report

Friday, May 8

911 Hang Up - Princeton

Accident - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Vehicle in the ditch.

Threats Complaint - Onamia

Fraud-Forgery-Scam - Milaca

Agency Assist - Onamia - Dispatch Entry: Juvenile runners.

Suspicious Activity - Princeton - Dispatch Entry: Truck driving by slowly.

Debris - Onamia - Dispatch Entry: Tire in the roadway.

Saturday, May 9

Fire - Milaca

Recovered Property - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Recovered Stolen property.

Agency Assist - Princeton - Dispatch Entry: Disturbance.

Sunday, May 10

Remove Unwanted - Onamia - Dispatch Entry: Ex knocking on door and window.

Theft - Isle - Dispatch Entry: Theft of a fish finder.

Welfare Check - Onamia - Dispatch Entry: Juvenile complaint/welfare check.

Animal - Foreston - Dispatch Entry: Found dog.

Harassment Complaint - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Phone Harassment.

Garbage Dumping - Onamia - Dispatch Entry: Computer Monitors.

Agency Assist - Onamia - Dispatch Entry: Juvenile Complaint.

Agency Assist - Onamia - Dispatch Entry: Juvenile Complaint.

Monday, May 11

Animal - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Injured Eagle.

Agency Assist - Princeton - Dispatch Entry: Assisting family services.

Fire - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Telephone pole on fire.

Tuesday, May 12

Animal - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Barking dog.

DANCO Violation - Wahkon

Juvenile Complaint - Onamia

Search Warrant - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Search warrant for vehicle.

Drugs - Foreston - Dispatch Entry: Found drugs.

Fire - Wahkon

Fire - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Field.

Wednesday, May 13

Drugs - Onamia

Fire - Milaca

Firearms Complaint - Ogilvie - Dispatch Entry: Stray bullet.

Animal - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Loose cows.

Thursday, May 14

Accident - Princeton - Dispatch Entry: Car vs. two cows.

Jail Incident - Milaca - Dispatch Entry: Found drugs/contraband.

Fraud-Forgery-Scam - Pease - Dispatch Entry: Theft/fraud purchase of a motor vehicle.

Theft - Onamia

Jail Incident - Milaca

Firearms Complaint - Foreston

Animal - Princeton - Dispatch Entry: Found wild duck/goose loose in basement.

Suspicious Activity - Princeton - Dispatch Entry: Suspicious man in field.

Jail roster

Friday, May 8

Dustin Kampa, 36, Fel 5th Deg Drugs

Jimmy Renner, 42, Fel Violate No Contact Order

Theoderek Schanche, 30, Fel Aggravated Robbery

Nathan Wind, 26, Fel Criminal Vehicular Operation, Fel Traffic - Failure to Notify Police

Saturday, May 9

Bobbi Oswaldson, 25, Fel 5th Deg Drugs

Drew Smith, 23, GM DANCO x2

Sunday, May 10

Raymond Benjamin, 52, Fel DWI Test Refusal, GM DAC, Misd Obstruct Legal Process, Misd Open Bottle, Fel 1st Deg DWI

Todd Lifto, 54, Fel PV Burglary

Monday, May 11

Naomi Atkinson, 23, Fel No Contact Order

Jordan Garbow, 22, Fel 2nd Deg CSC x2, Fel 2nd Deg CSC Under 16 x2, Fel 2nd Deg CSC Position, Fel 4th Deg CSC Victim MH, Fel 2nd Deg Assault, GM Obstruct, Misd 4th Deg Criminal Destruction to Prop

Donovan Johnson, 24, Misd Dom Assault, Fel Simple Robbery Misd 5th Deg Assault

Amy Kruger, 42, Fel 1st Deg Drug Poss, Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss, GM Intro Contraband, Misd DAR

Tuesday, May 12

Jamell Evans, 27, GM DANCO Viol

Lucas Nickaboine, 28, Misd DANCO Viol

Shirell Nielson, 40, GM DWI

Cody Welte, 27, Fel DANCO Viol

Wednesday, May 13

Charles Allen, 33, Misd DANCO Viol, Misd DAR

Charisse Cash, 24, GM (PV) 5th Deg Drugs, GM (PV) 5th Deg Drugs

Jarvis Harrington, 28, Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss

Mark Kalberg, 30, Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss, Fel 5th Deg Drug Sales

Lance Kegg, 37, Fel Rev of Stay

Lesley Sam, 36, Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss, Fel 3rd Deg Drug Sales

Tahnisha Sam, 23, GM Theft, GM 3rd Deg Criminal Destruction to Prop

Thursday, May 14

Justin Anderson, 21, Fel 5th Deg Drugs, GM False Name

Gabriel Chips, 25, Fel 5th Deg Drugs

Gerald Davis, 28, Fel 5th Deg Drugs x2, Misd Needle Poss

Roy Eagle, 41, Fel Rev of Stay

Richard Lund-Eardley, 30

Zachary Lyman, 29, GM DAC-IPS, Fel 5th Deg Drugs

Joseph Manning, 35, GM DAC

Mirayah Shaugobay, 19, GM 3rd Deg DWI, Misd Careless Driving, Misd Open Bottle, Misd Underage Drinking

Sheldon Watterud, 42, Misd Dom Assault, Misd 5th Deg Assault

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