Mille Lacs County Courthouse

As part of Mille Lacs County’s efforts to become a more breastfeeding friendly workplace environment, the Mille Lacs County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a policy supporting breastfeeding employees during their regularly scheduled meeting early August.

The policy details benefits already available to employees but clarifies this information for both employees and supervisors, according to Mille Lacs County Human Resource Generalist Karly Fetters.

The new policy is attached to the already existing personnel policy for the county.

“This addition to the personnel policy makes it clear what benefits are available to breastfeeding employees,” said Fetters via email. “The policy also sets clear expectations so the supervisors may discuss policies and practices that will help facilitate each employee’s infant-feeding goals to meet the needs of the employee as well as the employer.”

Before the approval of this new policy, the board approved a grant application for a wellness room in the Mille Lacs County Historic Courthouse, which will be completed and available for use around September 2019.

Privacy rooms are available to all employees, but priority will be given to breastfeeding or lactating mothers.

“The goal with the wellness room, as well as this policy, is to meet the needs of breastfeeding mothers and make this option as convenient as possible,” said Fetters via email.

The board also unanimously approved an application for a breastfeeding friendly workplace designation by the Minnesota Department of Health in order to “promote a workplace culture that welcomes and supports breastfeeding employees,” according to the agenda item form.

“Having a policy in place is a requirement to apply for a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace designation but is something we’ve been in the process of making prior to the application and will be very helpful for staff to have detailed,” said Fetters via email.

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