Isle City Council weighs in on Industrial Park

Council members Ginger Houle and Dave Keding listen in as Isle City Clerk Jamie Hubbell addresses the status of the industrial park.

The Isle City Council met for their monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 9 at the City Hall. Among the topics were potential interest in the industrial park, thin ice signage, peddler permitting, and other topics which will be covered in next week’s edition of the Messenger.


Doppler Gear, a manufacturing company that provides custom gears, splines, splined hubs, and various drive components based in Minneapolis, reached out to city hall with questions regarding city and sewer and truck access for a parcel in the city’s industrial park.

In a letter to Isle City Clerk Jamie Hubbell, Jim Bregi, of Doppler Gear, asked when sewer and water would be available, if there are costs to hook up and where the connections would be on their site should they move ahead with a parcel purchase.  

Discussion was held among the Council as to what price to offer 1.5 or 2 additional acres to Doppler Gear as was requested to meet the future needs of the company.

Hubbell said she made some comparables of other city industrial parks in regards to cost per parcel and that there would be a cost for them to connect to water and sewer.

She said her recommendation is to sell a minimum of two acres at $7,500 per acre and have the hook up cost be $3,025, based on her comparables. The business would be responsible for closing costs, she added, and that the EDA would be reviewing future parcels on an individual basis.

“We do truly need them to get the industrial grants going,” noted Hubbell.

Hubbell’s recommendation was approved by the Council.


The Isle City Council addressed a citizen’s concern over thin ice under Malone Island bridge stating that they are worried about snowmobilers going in the water as they had observed them driving fast over the open water. The citizens said that the old bridge had “thin ice” signage, and they felt the new bridge should also.

Isle Public Works Superintendent Jason Minenko stated that he put up temporary signs, adding, “We’ll put up more permanent signs in the future. We can’t put signs in the rocks because it’s not our waterway.” Minenko added that the DNR had told him they wouldn’t put signs there because then they would have to post in every similar location.


A discussion was held regarding interest by various peddlers/merchants to set up shop in downtown Isle. Hubbell said that the peddlers/merchants were asking to set up in the Muni parking lot and are interested in selling vegetables, jellies, plants, crafts, and similar items.

Hubbell said that she is proposing a permit fee of $20 per day, $150 for a six month permit or $300 for a year permit. The fees were approved at the last Council meeting, but the Council now needed to approve a resolution.

Discussion was held on the potential location for the sales. Council member Ginger Houle said, “I don’t think they should set up in the Muni parking lot. Maybe the street (2nd Ave. N.) between the hardware store and Bob’s place. We could close it off and have them set up there.”

Council member Naomi Creech felt that the Muni parking lot would be a good location. Council member Monica Keding added that the farmer’s market used to be located in the Muni parking lot. Creech added that having the street closed off adjacent to the hardware store may infringe on parking for Beckham’s.

Consensus was to use the Muni parking lot for the sales, and the resolution was passed.

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