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Discussion over spirits, and not the liquor kind, took place at the last Isle City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Liquor store manager Monica Weets presented her monthly report to the city council stating, “The Muni is haunted. We have heard and seen it and contacted a medium psychic to come up and will have ‘Wine and Spirit’ night.” Weets added that the psychic would be offering readings during the evening for a fee payable to the psychic.

This sparked the debate on whether this type of thing should be permissible with council member Don Dahlen stating, “I have concerns about ‘Wine and Spirit’ night issues.”

His issues revolved around setting a precedence of allowing other businesses into the Muni to offer their services, the primary issue being a violation of the Establishment Clause and allowing a service that may be wiccan or paganist into a government-owned entity.

The city’s attorney, Damien Toven, said that there shouldn’t be a legal issue and that it’s a choice the city council needed to make. “If the council wants to limit the action on that night, it is within the council’s authority to do so,” he added.

Weets added in her report that they have had “unusual activity” going on at the Muni, and the psychic medium is coming to tell them about the voices, laughter, black mist and orbs that they have seen and also caught on their security camera.

Mayor Rodney Schultz said, “I make a motion to let her do what she wants to do.”

The issue was brought to a vote with Council Member Don Dahlen voting against allowing a psychic into the Muni and council members Monica Keding, Ginger Houle and Bob Koelfgren voting in favor of the action, along with Isle Mayor Rodney Schultz voting in favor.

In other liquor store business, Weets noted that for August, the budget was approximately $12,000 in the red but doing better than last year at the same time when the liquor store was $33,000 in the red. She said expenses were up due to large beer purchases to restock after July.

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