Isle City Hall

A public hearing was held to discuss the tobacco ordinance no. 163. No one from the public attended the meeting and the ordinance was passed by the council unanimously. The ordinance brings the City of Isle ordinances into compliance with the new federal regulations regarding the minimum age of tobacco purchasing to 21 years.

Declaration of local emergency

A Mayoral Declaration of a Local Emergency was declared in Isle on March 26 in response to the COVID-19 crisis and the Governor’s executive order declaring a peacetime emergency with a sunset of 30 days. The declaration allows the City to invoke necessary portions of the emergency management plan and authorize aid and services in accordance with inter-jurisdictional agreements. The City’s declaration expired on May 23 and was extended another 30 days in response to the Governor’s recent extension of his executive order.

Water and sewer rate increase on hold

Isle City Clerk Jamie Hubbell brought the water and sewer rate increase to the Council to consider placing the increase on hold in light of the COVID-19 hardships. Mayor Rodney Schultz stated he was in favor of extending it, and Hubbell said the City would be fine without the revenues in the near future. The board voted to do another extension which would put the increased rate into effect on July 15.

New auditor appointment

Due to the City’s auditing firm, Altoff and Nordquist, LLC, being unable to obtain their firm license for 2020, were not able to continue to provide auditing services for the City. The City appointed Schlenner Wenner & Co Certified Public Accountants & Business Consultants with offices in St. Cloud, Monticello, Maple Lake, Little Falls, and Albany. The 2020 budget for auditing services is $13,125.

Liquor sales up, new manager hired

A new, full time liquor store manager, Hailey Weets, was appointed at the May meeting. The Council announced that liquor store revenues were up in April, and expenditures were down.

Co-fire chief resigns

Co-Isle Fire Department Chief Jason Amundson resigned. The Council also reported that David Haggberg is retiring after 40 years with the fire department, and Ethan Phillips resigned.

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