Wahkon City Hall

Wrapping up in nearly record time – less than 17 minutes – the Monday, April 8 regularly scheduled city council meeting again saw only a trio of councilors present. Among the threesome was newly elected Rick Roberts attending his first meeting.

Maintenance supervisor

City maintenance supervisor Chris Weinreich informed the council the city’s sewer ponds were still frozen.

Having anticipated an intense spring melt and associated flooding, Weinreich reported that he was pleased that issues have been at a minimum, mainly because the thaw has proceeded slowly with frequent freeze ups most evenings.

“With all of that snow,” Weinreich said, “I thought it would have been worse.”

Weinreich said he hopes to work with city parks commissioner Tony Button to draft a street repair list before May’s meeting.

Later this spring both the city dock and pier will be receiving a new coat of paint.

Mutual aid agreement

Having already been signed by the City of Isle, the Wahkon City Council voted to enter into a Reciprocal Mutual Aid Agreement for Utility Personnel and Equipment.

Mayor Sandy Reichel summarized the agreement’s function to the council, explaining that it would enhance how the two cities help one another. “If Karrie is sick and we need someone to come in and take minutes or if they have a plow break down and need Chris’ help, this agreement would make it more formal.”

The council voted unanimously to enter into the agreement.


• A resident requested the ability to reserve the Veteran’s Park shelter for a family reunion on July 4. The council approved the request and will place signs around the shelter in advance to hold it for her.

• The council approved a donation to the Mille Lacs Area Health Foundation in the amount of $1,000.

• The WAVE Adult Prom will be held on Saturday, April 27, from 8 p.m. to midnight at Wahkon Inn. A $10 donation is requested. Proceeds used for community improvements.

• The Sally Doran Memorial Wahkon Clean Up Day will be held Saturday, May 4 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. If interested in volunteering to help during the clean up, contact city hall (320) 495-3441.

• The council reviewed and approved outdoor activities to be held during Wahkon Days, including at Mugg’s and Wahkon Inn. Approval includes allowances for outdoor music and street closures.

• The council briefly discussed a drafted resolution pertaining to Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure, requesting the Minnesota legislature pass and sign a comprehensive and balanced transportation funding package that would increase dedicated funding for transportation. Citing the need for further discussion as a full council, Kim Tyson suggested discussion be tabled until the May meeting.

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