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Isle city water and sewer project making progress

Engineer for the City of Isle, Tim Ramerth, of Widseth Smith Nolting, updates the Isle City Council on the status of the city sewer and water project.

Engineer for the City of Isle, Tim Ramerth, of Widseth Smith Nolting, updated the Isle City Council on the status of the city sewer and water project at the council’s September meeting.

Ramerth said, “Finally we have a project that’s underway, and we have a couple things to do. I have to see what would be required to restore the historic water tower and will keep communication open with Band. We have to get our survey and wetland delineation done. There are some reserve dollars to assist with fees, and with Corp funding, we’ll be able to recoup 75 percent of that.”

He added that once they have all data collected and an agreement in place, the design will take place over the winter. He said he expects the project to begin in February or March of 2020.

The city’s water and sewer project will consist of construction updating both the water and wastewater systems. The city plans to update the existing water wells and storage systems, install a new well system, and extend the city’s water distribution system in order to increase the existing capacity and the city’s service area. The project will also extend the sanitary sewer collection system into areas not previously served by the city and will renovate and improve the city’s pump stations to minimize the potential for wastewater back-ups or spills that would create serious environmental concerns. The recommended improvements all bring the pump stations into compliance.

The City of Isle Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems Improvement Project will provide more reliable and stable service where it had not been provided previously. The project is estimated to have a total cost of approximately $6,026,000 with $3 million being federally funded.

Total preliminary levy increase

The city will have an preliminary overall levy increase of 15 percent which includes a 6.187 percent general revenue increase and the remainder of the 15 percent increase for the Fire hall bond, Fire contracts and State Aid and local government aid.

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