Golf carts and ATVs are a familiar sight along the roadways surrounding the Isle community.

At the regular city council meeting held on Tuesday, May 14, city clerk Jamie Hubbell noted there had been a recent rise in the number these vehicles traversing the city. To help make sure the use of this transport remained safe, Hubbell brought forward a new registration fee for city residents who owned ATVs and golf carts.

Golf cart and ATV fee

Discussion on a registration fee for golf carts and ATVs followed the meeting’s regular report from chief of police Mark Reichel. Hubbell explained that city ordinance adopted in 2000 did allow for this use. However, she said there were concerns about regulating this use, as there had been instances of kids driving golf carts down the state highway. “That’s not permissible by state statute or city statute,” Hubbell observed.

This fee would be specifically for city residents. By bringing these individuals into the city hall for registration, Hubbell hoped it would provide an opportunity to keep them informed on safe usage of their vehicles.

A bright blue sticker with reflective trim would be provided for registered golf carts and ATVs. If the city’s police department spots a resident operating a vehicle with a sticker, the resident would be directed to city hall for registration. Hubbell also said the city would put out a notice about the new fee.

Discussion was turned over to the council to determine what the registration fee should be set at. The council settled on a $15 annual fee. All councilors except councilor Bob Koelfgen voted in favor of approving the new fee.

Later in the meeting, the council also made adjustments to fee schedule, changing two other fees. Hubbell explained that the city’s pet registry was eight pages long and getting hard to keep up-to-date. While residents have been able to get a lifetime dog and cat license since 2015, the council, Hubbell suggested adding periodic renewal to help keep the records accurate. After discussion, the council approved a $10 registry every three years to coincide with updating a pet’s rabies shots.

Additionally, Hubbell suggested a $35 administrative fee for land use permits to cover the amount of work these permits generated for city hall. This fee was approved along with the pet registry.

City roadwork

During his usual report for the Public Works Department, superintendent Jason Minenko discussed the variety of roadwork needed throughout the city.

Where work on Isle Street East was concerned, Minenko suggested that the spots be ground up in milled. This would save money for the spots that needed work. As worked would also be done on Isle Street East as part of the upcoming water and sewer project, Minenko said it would not make sense to do more permanent repairs. While the milling would be cheaper, Minenko did not have an exact quote for the work involved.

The rest of the work around the city came to about $15,200. This work would involve patching and paving and included repairing spots dug up to fix water main breaks.

When Koelfgen described this work as the “true cost of the water main breaks,” Minenko replied that there was a number of other spots around the city also being addressed. He added that the main breaks varied from year-to-year. Last year, there hadn’t been any breaks. This year had been unusually high at seven breaks. “The locating company said we won,” Minenko said. “We had the most [breaks]; we got the award.” 

Insurance renewal

David Oberfeld, with Oberfeld Insurance Services, gave an update on the city’s insurance renewal. Due to several rate changes, the premium for the package policy through the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust was up to $34,225 from $31,907 last year. The council voted to approve $1,000 for their liability and property insurance. At the advising of City attorney Damien Toven, they also voted to not waive the tort liability limits set by the League of Minnesota Cities.


• After billboard owner Joe Ebenhoh spoke to the council about his desire to use the board to promote downtown Isle, all councilors except Don Dahlen voted in favor of approving a 10 by 10 ad space for the Isle Muni at $150 a month.

• City engineer Tim Ramerth reported that a final site inspection would be completed for the Malone Isle Bridge. The council approved a $18,518.58 payment for the project to the county.

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