Onamia City Hall

Onamia Zoning Administrator Gene Falconer announced his resignation, effective at the end of the year, during the Onamia City Council meeting Sept. 11.

Falconer said part of the reason he is resigning is because he has to fill out two time cards, one for his position as the city’s water and sewer, maintenance and streets supervisor and one for his work as zoning administrator.

“I feel like they’re trying to judge if I’m double dipping or not,” he said.

City clerk Kathy McCullum said Falconer was asked to fill out a seperate time card for his zoning administrator position to get a better handle on the actual hours he spent working on issues directly related to the position.

The city accepted his resignation and McCullum said the city will start advertising for his replacement at the end of this year.

In other council actions:

The city unanimously approved a bid by Red Beard Lumber Co. for $1,880.33, beating out a bid by Isle Discount and Supply Inc bid of $1,886.34, to build a new warming house in the city.

Ray’s Body Shop, Inc.’s bid for a new snow plow for $7,251.05 was unanimously approved by the city, beating out a bid by Crysteel Truck Equipment for $7,470.84.

Boss, the manufacturer for the snow plow put the manufacturers suggested retail price for the equipment at $8,544.36.

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