Savage Communications Inc. representative Ron Savage communicated the company’s desire to finish laying 9,000 feet of internet cable in the Garrison area and connect the remaining residents to its internet packages.

The project has been on hold for roughly four years as the city has organized the permitting process for building new underground infrastructure in city “right-of-ways” and properly mapped that infrastructure.

Now, with some pressure from residents desiring better internet options, the project is being put on priority, and Savage Communications could be dug into the city by October this year.

More information about Savage Communications can be found on its website at

A dilemma dealing with property outside of Garrison city limits (under Garrison Township jurisdiction) has a chance of being dealt with in the next few months.

Council members for the City of Garrison have previously expressed desire to clean up the property along Hwy. 169, hoping to improve the look of the city. However, there was nothing to be done by city government as the property was technically out of its control.

Meetings have now begun in the community to organize volunteers for a cleanup in the area, including brush clearing and the addition of picnic tables and other facilities in that regard. While Garrison’s mayor and council

members do not wish to over-promise and under-deliver, they are optimisic about the project and support the initiative. 

Currently, the Minnesota Scenic Byways Commission will likely be involved. Potentially, Garrison’s Commercial Club and various volunteer groups can join the effort if properly organized.

The Byways Commission has already announced work placing signs on Hwy’s. 169, 27, 18 and 47, and Shakopee Lake Rd. for early June. This comes after Lake Mille Lacs was designated a scenic byway in July, 2018.

More information on the Mille Lacs Scenic Byway can be found at or


• The Garrison Fire Department reported 23 calls, and acknowledged a $300 from Camp Lake.

• Engineering has prioritized organizing a permit process, prompted by SCI Broadband.

• A $200 service contract with The Office Shop was approved.

• An off-site gambling permit for Commercial Club’s upcoming raffle was approved.

• Craig Dunmire’s transient permit request to sell fireworks was approved.

• The Minnesota State Demographic Center reported Garrison’s population estimate at 215 people, and 111 households as of April 2018.

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