Wahkon City Council meeting

Wahkon City Council held a special meeting to address vendor use of city property and zoning.

The Wahkon City Council met in a special session on July 21 to deal with two issues: the use of city property by vendors and amending a zoning ordinance with regard to accessory structures on private city building lots.

Wahkon mayor Ronda Bjornson scheduled the first meeting of the evening to discuss whether or not to allow local vendors to use city property during the months ahead. Due to the city canceling Wahkon Days and many other local summer event cancellations because of COVID-19 issues, many vendors have been left without a venue to sell their wares.

After discussing the ramifications of allowing vendors to sell in Wahkon, the council voted 5-0 on a motion which said the city would open a vacant lot on Main Street to vendors to sell their wares but with several caveats. A vendor must register with the city and adhere to the stipulations listed on a vendor form to be prepared by the city clerk. Among the items to be listed on the vendor form were proof of insurance and licenses, adhering to proper social distancing, a minimal cost for their spot on the lot and that the city would allow vendors to sell only until Oct. 31.

In the second item of business for the evening, the city held a special planning commission meeting/public hearing to peruse the modification of a text amendment pertaining to accessory structures on lots within the city that do not contain a primary structure. Following discussion on what constitutes accessory and primary structures and some input from members of the audience, the council decided to approve the preliminary rewording of the original code pertaining to accessory buildings and will vote on the final amendment at their next regular meeting. A copy of that new code may be accessed by contacting the city clerk.

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