According to a parent of a member of the Milaca marching band, her child and “several” other students were suspended from marching band  June 19. They were ineligible to march in the Foley parade June 19 but were eligible to march in the Milaca parade June 20, and throughout the rest of the season.

She said her child came home from practice with a letter saying he had violated the school’s alcohol policy and code of conduct policy on May 27, 2013, and would be ineligible for the June 20 parade.

Milaca Superintendent Jerry Hansen would not confirm whether any suspensions were made in relation to a party May 26 and 27 at the residence of Mille Lacs County Attorney Jan Jude and her husband, Mille Lacs Tribal Police Investigator Russ Jude.

He said the school received a complaint and followed policies and procedures for students who violate the rules.

He would not say how many students were suspended or for how long.

School board member Mark Herzing said he had not been informed of the action and that it did not come up at the last school board meeting.

Milaca activities director Jerry Westphal would not comment about this specific incident and the suspensions that followed. He said kids can be and have in the past been suspended simply for being at a party where there is alcohol.  “We use what we call a Code of Conduct,” he said. The school’s code is based on that of the Minnesota State High School League.

From the bylaws of the Minnesota State High School League: 2. Student Code of Responsibilities

Participation in interscholastic activities is a privilege which is accompanied by responsibility. As a student participating in League sponsored activities, I understand and accept the following responsibilities:

I will respect the rights and beliefs of others and will treat others with courtesy and consideration.

I will be fully responsible for my own actions and the consequences of my actions.

I will respect the rights and property of others.

I will respect and obey the rules of my school and the laws of my community, state and country.

I will show respect to those who are responsible for enforcing the rules of my school and the laws of my community, state and country.

The Messenger has the names of the suspended students. They were all in attendance at the party at the Judes, but the Messenger is not sharing their names to protect their privacy.

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