Mille Lacs County new recycling trailer

The new recycling trailers coming in February will look like the one pictured above.

Mille Lacs County has stepped up its efforts to promote recycling this year. Starting Jan. 1, 2020, recycling drop site locations will be changing. There will be drop sites in Isle (465 Isle Street West), Milaca (565 8th Street NE), Onamia (35617 125th Avenue), and Princeton (10039 55th Street).

The Isle, Milaca and Onamia sites will be open 24 hours per day, and the Princeton location will only be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All drop site will accept single-sort recycling in which recyclable products do not need to be sorted before drop off.

In January, the sites will have black roll-off containers, but in February, these will be replaced with blue trailers.

The county asks that people remember to check the accepted materials list before dropping off their recyclables, to place materials loosely in the receptacles, and to close the door or tarp when finished. They also ask that cardboard boxes be flattened and that recyclables are clean and dry.

Only recyclable material is allowed. The following is a list of acceptable recycling materials.


Recycling Materials

Paper and cardboard: newspapers and inserts; cardboard (non-waxed); brown paper bags; envelopes, catalogs and magazines; printer paper (all colors); paperboard (dry food boxes and beverage cases).

Plastics (materials must be empty and rinsed with caps on): containers labeled #1, #2 and #5.

Cartons: milk cartons, juice boxes; broth and other liquid carton containers.

Metal and glass (materials must be empty and rinsed with caps on; place metal lids in can and pinch shut.): aluminum cans; steel/tin cans; brown, clear and green glass food and beverage containers.

Unacceptable Materials

Solid waste (dispose of at East Central Solid Waste landfill); household garbage, coat hangers and aluminum foil; styrofoam and packing peanuts; wet or rotten materials; garden hoses and extension cords; auto glass, window glass, and mirror glass; ceramics and porcelain; glass cookware, drinking glasses and vases; plastic lined boxes; compostable plastics–PLA #7; paper towels, napkins, plates and tissues; hazardous chemical and motor oil containers; plastic films (wraps, tarps, juice pouches). Household Hazardous Waste (dispose of at Stearns County HHW Facility); alkaline and rechargeable batteries; syringes and needles. Compost, food waste and shredded paper. Also any special recycling which can be recycled at participating facilities, including plastic bags (see for more information); Christmas lights, scrap metal, and extension cords are not permitted.

Call the Environmental Resources Office at (320) 983-8325 with any additional questions. The county solid waste management service charge was increased from $1 to $10 to cover the costs of recycling, in addition to other programs such as HHW and tire collections, and will show up on county residents’ property tax statement.

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