Isle Muni drawing

Lucky number 5177149

Sports reporter for the Mille Lacs Messenger, Bob Statz, drew a jackpot number (#5177149) at the Isle Muni on Friday. Pictured on right is Isle Muni Manager Don Graber.

The jackpot drawing will continue until the prizes are given out.

The City of Isle began a drawing in 2019 to be held weekly at the Isle Municipal Bar. With the ongoing closures of the Muni and COVID restrictions, the drawing was suspended. Every week prior to shut down; there was no jackpot winner, $25 was added to the jackpot, that has reached over $1,199.

Isle City Clerk Jamie Hubbell said that three envelopes are left, with the maximum jackpot of $1,199 and a “mini-jackpot” with a current total of $150 (established to prevent someone from having to file a 1099 tax form).

“We have three envelops left … one free prize, one mini jackpot and one jackpot,” said Hubbell. “Per our rules of the game, it must be played out before we can start any other games. Therefore, we are going to draw a ticket each week on Thursday and post it at the store, our website and on Facebook.”

On Friday, Nov. 13, The Messenger’s sports reporter, Bob Statz, drew ticket number 5177149.

Hubbell said that if any of the patrons have the exact winning ticket, they get to pick one of the envelopes. If they pick the jackpot, then the game is done. If they don’t, then the Muni will pick another ticket until they have a jackpot winner.

Each patron, on Thursday nights since January 2019, was given a drawing ticket just for being present at 7 p.m. They were instructed to save all of their tickets from every Thursday since the drawing began.

“We hope everyone saved their tickets, and we hope to finish this game,” added Hubbell. “It would make a great Christmas bonus for anyone!”

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