Liberty Beach

Liberty Beach, of Isle, is currently on the Minnesota Department of Revenue list for delinquent taxes which means the establishment is prohibited from purchasing liquor, beer or wine to resell.

According to the DOR, the delinquent taxes could be in any of the following categories sales, withholding, partnership, S corporations and corporate. Minnesota sales 

and withholding taxes are trust taxes in that customers or employees pay these taxes with the expectation that businesses will remit them to the state on their behalf. It cannot be used by a business as additional operating capital or for any other purpose.

The department posts a list of active liquor establishments that owe delinquent state taxes and therefore are prohibited from purchasing alcoholic beverages to resell. Distributors are prohibited from the sale or delivery to the listed businesses. Once a business pays the taxes owed, they are removed from the list within two business days. The list was updated and current as of March 7.

“Being on the list does not prevent a business from making retail sales but it does prevent active liquor establishments from purchasing liquor, beer and wine for resale,” Minnesota Department of Revenue Ryan Brown said. “Wholesalers, manufacturers and brewers cannot sell or deliver any product to them until they’ve been removed from the list.”

The Messenger attempted to reach out to Liberty Beach, however the phone is not being answered.

The Mille Lacs County Auditor’s office is in charge of issuing liquor licensing. Phil Thompson, Auditor, said the delinquent tax status, “does not cancel the liquor license. The state would let us know if they had reason to cancel. This list prevents them from purchasing more liquor for resale” until they pay their delinquent taxes.

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