Wednesday evening, June 26, a boater went out on Mille Lacs Lake from Agate Bay Resort, located on the northeast corner of the lake, and did not return to the resort. Aitkin County Sheriff Dan Guida said the man was staying at the resort with his daughter and was reported missing at about 1 a.m. Thursday morning.

Sheriff Guida stated the man was on a 16 foot Jon boat and had mechanical problems with no alternative means of propelling the boat. The man’s cell phone went dead. Police were able to ping the location where his cell phone last had power which was 2.7 miles north of Isle.

The DNR’s aviation division out of Brainerd responded at dawn on Thursday morning, along with sheriff’s offices from Aitkin County, Mille Lacs County and Crow Wing County.

The man, however, was able to drift to shore on his own but spent the night in his boat, according to Guida. “The individual made it to shore by Appeldoorn's and was able to call his wife,” said Sheriff Guida. “We were able to get the guy and his boat, and he was reunited with his daughter.”

“The fact that the response was so fast, with a mulit-agency response and civilian responses, made me proud of our area,” added Guida. “People really want to help any way they can.”

He added that typically these types of searches are on windy days when the water is rough, but they were fortunate, as was the man in the boat, that the water was flat.

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