DeBreto accident scene

Site of the accident that took the life of two Isle residents, Paul and Teresa DeBreto, on 280th Place in Lakeside Township in Isle.

Two Isle residents were found deceased on Jan. 7 on 280th Place in Lakeside Township approximately 4 miles east of Mille Lacs Lake.

The Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a vehicle found rolled over in a ditch filled with water and ice. The caller reported that there were two occupants, Paul DeBreto, 64, and Teresa DeBreto, 60, and that the vehicle was upside down and partially submerged in water. The DeBretos are husband and wife from Isle.

It is reported that the couple was traveling from a location north of their residence which is located at the southern end of 280th Place, a dead end road. No other residence is located on 280th Place between where the accident occurred and the DeBreto residence, so the couple would not likely be seen from vehicles traveling on that road. It is unknown at this time when the accident occurred. The road was ice and snow covered at the time of the accident.

McGregor first responders, South Aitkin first responders, Isle ambulance, and law enforcement responded. Upon arrival, first responders confirmed two occupants were inside the vehicle and were deceased.

The Minnesota State Patrol conducted accident reconstruction at the scene. Both victims were transported to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner whose provisional finding is that the pair died of probable hypothermia.

The couple owned and operated Horse Haven Ranch and were said to be well-known among the horse community.

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