Fare for All

Thanksgiving is just around the corner but are you ready for your turkey feast? Wish you could purchase more fresh produce and lean meats without breaking the bank during the Holidays? Fare for All, a program of The Food Group, purchases fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen meats in bulk and passes on the savings to anyone who wants to stretch their food budget. You can save up to 40 percent on food purchases and there’s a location near you in Onamia. The program is celebrating its 33rd year and has a phenomenal Holiday Pack in both November and December for only $30 per pack!

In addition to Fare For All’s usual fresh Produce Pack, small (Mini) and large (Mega) frozen Meat Packs, all locations will see the November and December Holiday pack including Onamia’s VFW location. In conjunction with Fare For All, Onamia will be having Shoe Away Hunger’s Shoe Bus on October 30th. Good in the ‘Hood is a community partner of The Food Group, and Shoe Away Hunger is one of their wonderful programs. Sponsored by Schuler Shoes, this program turns around new and gently used footwear to provide an earth-friendly way to support Good in the ‘Hood’s “Feeding The Futures” programs. Like Fare For All, the “Shoe Bus” is open to EVERYONE & accepts credit cards, debit cards, or cash.

The (all frozen) content of the November Holiday Pack ($30) this year includes: Turkey- 9-10 lbs, Chicken Breasts- 2.4 lbs, Johnsonville 4 Cheese Italian Sausage- 19 oz., Rotisserie Turkey Tenderloin- 1.5 lbs., Sage Pork Sausage- 1lb. (2) Green Beans- 16 oz., and Mrs. Smith’s Pumpkin Pie- 9 in.

December Holiday Pack ($30) includes: Spiral-cut Ham with similar fixings TBD.

All items subject to change based on availability.

Fare For All is community-based and community-supported. It is open to everyone, and accepts cash, debit, credit and EBT. The more community members who shop with us the better the value for all involved. The Onamia’s VFW Fare For All sale is held once a month at 38692 US-169. The holiday distribution dates are October 30th and December 4th. No need to call or register in advance. For additional information or locations near you, please visit our website at www.fareforall.org and follow us on Facebook at https://www.facbook.com/fareforall/.

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