Girls State participant Katilyn Grundhoefer

The Wojciak-Talberg American Legion Post 602 and Auxiliary Unit 602 of Hillman sponsored Katilyn Grundhoefer to attend Girls State at Bethel University in Arden Hills. Miss Grundhoefer spoke to the Hillman Legion and Auxiliary about her experience at Minnesota Girls State:

“Girls state for me was an amazing learning experience. We learned about many political processes, but we had a lot of fun along the way. Every girl was able to get elected or voted into a position in either the city or state government. I was elected to be the chief judge of election for my city. This meant that I helped open the polls for voting, checked citizens identification cards and closed the polls when voting was finished. We arrived on a Sunday at around 11 a.m., we were then directed to our rooms to settle in, and then we had a large general assembly to go over some basic rules and what the week would look like. On Monday, we learned about general city government and how it operated along with voting for our basic city positions. We had to decide what we wanted our city to be and how it would operate. The rest of the week was mainly meeting in our cities, political caucuses and more large general assemblies. They had many speakers come into our assemblies including the governor. On Friday, we had the opportunity to visit the state capitol. We were able to listen in on the Senate along with touring the capitol. We then had mock trials to learn how the judicial system in our state worked. The campus at Bethel was beautiful and the food was absolutely amazing. We were able to stay in the dorms, and it was a good experience to see what college would be like in the future. We left Saturday morning after our final assembly and goodbyes. I met a lot of amazing young women and am happy to say I still am in contact with a few of them today. This experience has changed the way I look at our government and has taught me a lot about the way our government in Minnesota is run.

I want to thank the Hillman Auxiliary for sponsoring me and allowing me to have this amazing opportunity to attend 2019 Minnesota Girls State.”

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