Rep. Sondra Erickson laid out her priorities for the 2020 session to include the following:

• Introduce legislation that forgives loans awarded by Mille Lacs County through a state appropriation of $3.5 million EndFragment in 2016 to businesses in the Lake Mille Lacs area affected by the closure of the lake to walleye fishing in 2015.

• Introduce legislation that requests the DNR stop using hooking mortality to count toward the state’s allotment of walleye per the 1837 Ceded Territory technical fisheries agreement with the eight Ojibwe Bands and to report to the legislature a way to allow anglers to keep a certain size walleye once it is reeled in, instead of releasing it back into the lake.

• Introduce legislation that requires the DNR to negotiate with eight Ojibwe Bands to allow at least two members of the Mille Lacs Lake Fisheries Advisory Committee to observe the fisheries technical meetings and provide input to the DNR during caucus.

• Introduce legislation that provides for accountability and a report of outcomes as the result of a bi-annual appropriation of $4.5 million to Regenerative Medicine of Minnesota (the result of an audit by the Office of the Legislative Auditor).

• Introduce legislation that creates a Commission that focuses on Fathers and Men.

• Introduce legislation that modifies our state accountability system called the World’s Best Workforce.

• Introduce legislation that modifies graduation requirements from high school.

• Continue to request a hearing on legislation introduced in 2019 that would reimburse Mille Lacs County for loss of property taxes because of fee land owned by the Mille Lacs Band transferred into trust.

• Continue to request a hearing on legislation introduced in 2019 that would modify the definition of small business in regard to total dollar amount of sales of service or product/s in order to differentiate from large business.

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