The City of Wahkon is currently in the process of developing a stormwater management plan for the City of Wahkon. A stormwater management plan will study current stormwater runoff conditions and will recommend projects and practices that will allow runoff to be absorbed and filtered before reaching Mille Lacs Lake. Wahkon is offering the opportunity for citizens to offer comments and input as this plan is being developed.

In Wahkon, stormwater runoff flows over streets, parking lots, roofs and lawns, and picks up pollutants like sediment and phosphorus as it makes its way to the lake. Because there are no storm sewers in Wahkon, stormwater also picks up pollutants during street flooding events in some parts of the city. A stormwater management plan will carefully examine drainage, flow patterns and volumes of stormwater running through the city. This information will be used to locate recommended stormwater treatment projects that will be the most effective at reducing phosphorus, sediment and other pollutants.

A stormwater plan will:

• Determine the current stormwater runoff conditions.

• Recommend prioritized stormwater treatment projects.

• Minimize stormwater increase from new development.

• Encourage Wahkon citizens to take individual actions to protect Mille Lacs Lake from stormwater runoff.

City Clerk Karrie Roeschlein says, “We are just starting to collect information on where the water is flowing in Wahkon. If anyone has any stories about runoff on their property or in their neighborhood, give us a call.” Give Karrie or Lynn Gallice at the Mille Lacs SWCD a call if you have any input or questions about how the plan is developing.

The City of Wahkon, working with the engineer firm of Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. and through the Mille Lacs Soil and Water Conservation District, has been awarded a Clean Water Fund Grant from the State of Minnesota to help fund this stormwater management plan.

Karrie Roeschlein, City of Wahkon, (320) 495-3441.

Lynn Gallice, Mille Lacs Soil and Water Conservation District, (320) 983-2160.

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