On Tuesday, Governor Walz announced his biennial budget proposal for the next two years. After the year that Minnesota has had, we must work to create a stronger, more unified state for our constituents without shifting the financial burden to them. Raising taxes is not a priority for Minnesota, and while Governor Walz claims that his budget only raises taxes on the wealthy, when you dig into the details there are significant taxes on things that impact all Minnesotans. His budget also claims it will provide a tax cut for lower income individuals, but the numbers appear to show that it would amount to only $3 of savings per month.

“Last year, Governor Walz asked Minnesotans to tighten their belts by shutting down schools, businesses and restaurants in order to try to combat COVID-19. As a result, many have lost income, savings, retirements and investments, and many of you had to take advantage of grants or loans to try to stay afloat. This year, it is time for government to tighten its belt and not continue piling on Minnesotans by raising their taxes even more,” Senator Andrew Mathews (R-Princeton) said Tuesday. “Minnesota’s priorities are safely reopening schools, businesses and job growth. Our people are hurting, and this budget is a disappointment to those who truly need our help.”

Minnesota is entering 2021 with a $1.3 billion budget deficit projected for the 2022-23 session. While the Senate has been urging state agencies to tighten their belt by cutting 5% from their budgets to protect Minnesotans, Governor Walz seems to be more interested in having the taxpayer foot the bill while he increases spending by 10%.

We can pass a budget that is good for the average Minnesotan and especially not for those who have been out of work, lost their businesses or have struggled to pay bills. Minnesota’s priority should be the people over anything else.

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