Maria Michelle Ramos-Smith

Maria Michelle Ramos-Smith

On the evening of April 6, an officer with the Mille Lacs Tribal Police reported to a single vehicle car crash along Virgo Road. Two injured women were located at the scene, and among them, Maria Michelle Ramos-Smith, 18, of Onamia, was charged with criminal vehicular operation under the influence of alcohol.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Mille Lacs Tribal officer was dispatched to a single vehicle accident on Virgo Road and found the vehicle facing south in the eastbound ditch upon arrival. The vehicle had severe front-end damage, a broken windshield, and deployed airbags.

Two women were in vehicles, including Ramos-Smith, and both were injured and in pain. An ambulance was called for both due to their injuries. Both women had active warrants for their arrest.

Speaking with the other, Ramos-Smith advised that she was going too fast and lost control at the corner. She had slurred speech, and though she indicated that she was sober, a preliminary breath test showed .161 alcohol concentration. No field sobriety tests were conducted due to Ramos-Smith’s potential injuries.

The Mille Lacs Tribal Officer drafted a search warrant for a sample of Ramos-Smith’s blood. Ramos-Smith was medically cleared, and her passenger was treated for two fractured vertebrae and a fractured rib.

Ramos-Smith has been charged with two felony counts of criminal vehicular operations, one causing substantial bodily harm while under the influence of alcohol and causing substantial bodily harm with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more, both of which carries a maximum jail sentence of five years and/or $10,000. Ramos-Smith has one pending gross misdemeanor DWI.

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