An Onamia man has been charged with three felonies for criminal vehicular operation with substantial bodily harm while under the influence of alcohol, fleeing a peace officer and vehicular theft while driving with minors during an incident in Onamia on April 20.

According to the criminal complaint:

On April 20 at approximately 9 p.m., Mille Lacs Tribal Police took a complaint of a stolen vehicle which stated that Gerald Wade Nickaboine Jr., 25, of Onamia, had thake the owner’s keys and left without permission.

About 30 minutes later, another tribal officer observed the vehicle turning from Hwy. 169 onto Timber Trails Road in Onamia. The officer verified the license plate and that it was the reported stolen vehicle. The officer activated his emergency lights and called for back-up. Despite the emergency lights, the vehicle did not stop nor slow down, turning on Mitzigomizh Street without slowing or stopping for signs or an intersection.  

According to the complaint, the vehicle, driven by Nickaboine, stopped after going through an intersection. There a female exited the vehicle, but Nickaboine accelerated to a high rate of speed heading east on Wagidaaki Drive.

The vehicle then turned southbound on Hwy. 169 reaching high speeds, and then abruptly stopped causing police to swerve to avoid a collision while moving into the left lane. Nickaboine then accelerated again and swerved in front of a second squad car, striking the squad car on the front passenger side immobilizing both vehicles. The impact caused a tribal officer to strike his head on the driver side window.

As the vehicle driven by Nickaboine stopped, he exited the vehicle and ran across the highway towards Virgo Road. A third squad car followed Nickaboine and later followed on foot until Nickaboine was detained by officers, where officers smelled an odor of alcohol.

In the vehicle driven by Nickaboine, two juveniles were found, one with a minor injury. The juveniles indicated that they had asked Nickaboine to stop several times stating that they were scared of getting injured and tried to exit the vehicle, but Nickaboine refused, according to the complaint.

Officers discovered an open bottle of Captain Morgan inside the vehicle. One of the juveniles reported that Nickaboine had taken drinks straight from the bottle while driving. When asked how much he had to drink by law enforcement, Nickaboine responded that he wanted a drink right then and asked the officer to retrieve his bottle of Captain Morgan for him, according to the complaint.

The total length of the pursuit was 2.8 miles with reached speeds of approximately 115 miles per hour, according to the report. The injured officer had a visible bruise and swelling on the left side of his forehead.

Nickaboine has prior convictions for felony fifth-degree controlled substances, giving false information to law enforcement and several petty misdemeanor speeding violations. Nickaboine was on conditional release for pending charges including first-degree damage to property-foreseeable risk of bodily harm involving a motor vehicle, as well as obstruction of legal process and open bottle violation.

For the April 20 incident, Nickaboine has been charged with three felonies for criminal vehicular operation with substantial bodily harm under the influence of alcohol that comes with a maximum of five years prison sentence and/or a $10,000 fine, fleeing a peace officer which comes with a maximum prison sentence of five years and/or a $10,000 fine and vehicle theft which comes with a maximum prison sentence of five years and/or a $10,000 fine and two misdemeanors of reckless driving (consciously driving with disregard of substantial or unjustifiable risk) and driving with open bottle while drinking and consumption.

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