Trinity Lutheran/Thrivent 2019 Ice Cream Social canceled

Due to personal conflicts and unexpected life situations for a number of our regular volunteer workers this year, we at Trinity Lutheran of Isle regrettably must cancel our Annual Pie and Homemade Ice Cream Social for the 2019 Labor Day weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause for our regular attendees. It is our plan to resume the event for Labor Day 2020. We will look forward to seeing you then, and thank you for your support over the past 30-plus years. See you again in 2020!

Cheryl Anderson,

Trinity Council Secretary and Thrivent

Congregational Advocate

Thank you

To all friends and family, we want to thank all who attended and send cards and flowers to our son’s funeral. We appreciate your love and support at this difficult time.

Grandma Rosalie, Grandpa Herb, daughter Gracycie Pendegayosh, father Randy Pendegayosh, sister Ashley Pendegayosh, uncle Rodney Pendegayosh, uncle Ryan Pendegayosh, and many cousins

Promoting Wahkon

I just spent a week at Mile Lacs, and it’s apparent Isle and Wahkon are struggling economically, shuttered storefronts on both main streets.

The following are some ideas from small to large that could help expand summer business activity.

1. Return the farmers market to downtown Isle. Many of us shop for alcohol, eat breakfast and would visit the bakery and other Isle stores on Saturday if located together.

2. Have a public dock. My family would go to town for lunch or dinner if there were a place for our boat. That’s why we frequent Da Boathouse.

3. Add festivals beyond Isle and Wahkon Days and fishing tournaments. Fourth of July fireworks in Wahkon is fun, but it could be a whole day celebration. Use voluntary parking meters to collect donations for the cost. Block off a street for an annual art show. Start and grow an annual fishing tackle show with sponsors.

4. Promote sailing. Launch a Wahkon to Isle race around Hennepin Island, all classes of sailboats. It could be a fest in both towns. Keep the trophies at the Messenger adding winners names each year.

5. Lobby for building the Northern Lights Express from Minneapolis to Duluth with a stop in Hinckley. Work with the Band to run regular bus service between the casinos stopping in Isle and Wahkon.

Isle and Wahkon can and must expand its tourist identity above and beyond fishing for a healthy growing economy.

Tommy Wells,

Washington, D.C.

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