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Public fed up with inaction?

A few days ago, Sean Hannity, of Fox News, proposed his solution to the crisis of gun violence in the U.S. He suggests having armed guards posted on every floor of every school and at every public building along with every movie theater and “every hall of every mall” in the country. But when I try to envision such a totalitarian scenario, I have a hard time believing that even Sean Hannity could be serious. So what is really behind his proposal?

I can’t read his mind, but my speculation leads me to wonder if he is proposing this outlandish scenario as a way to make any token offer from the GOP and the NRA seem reasonable by comparison. The thing is, those of us who lean the other way in the gun debate can use the same tactic. As the body count mounts up, the public gets more and more fed up with inaction, until finally it will accept nothing short of the complete repeal of the Second Amendment.

Two ridiculous extremes, right? So we find ourselves with the current dilemma: the vast majority of Americans want something to be done, and many, many reasonable proposals have been suggested–background checks, gun registration, banning bump-stocks and large-magazines–but each of these proposals has been rejected out of hand. Virtually everyone agrees that something has to be done, so when are the reasonable gun enthusiasts going to step up and become part of the solution?

Guy Roger, Isle

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped Russell in his final months: the friends and family who visited and ran errands; Dr. Hook and the Onamia nursing staff; Home Care; the transportation unit; the Circle of Health and other assistance from the Mille Lacs Band; others who mowed our lawn and even made repairs; the deputies who came to our aid; and the caring hospice staff.

Thanks to the Rolf Olsen Center for donating space for Russell’s Celebration of Life; thanks to those who joined us at the gathering, mailed a personalized card, or gave a gift toward a memorial. The efforts of the funeral home helped us work out so many details. Every gesture has been appreciated.

Janice and Lynnett Boyd, Dawn Chosa

Friends of the Library

The Friends of Mille Lacs Lake Library would like to thank everyone that helped make the Isle Days library book sale a success. We are grateful for the many volunteers working the sale as well as folks that donated and purchased books. All the good-will donated money from the sale will be used for future programing at the library. We would also like to thank those who took part in the Mobile Sign Shop. The Friends funded this free event, and in the end, over 40 colorful signs were made.

 Friends of the

Mille Lacs Lake Library


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