Unanswered questions

It seems to me that Americans have a lot of unanswered questions about behavior in our government. Let’s go back to the former President and events during that administration.We had the VA scandal where vets were dying before they could get an appointment and VA management doctoring reports on wait times. We had Operation Fast and Furious where arms were sold to cartels and the attorney general was held in contempt for not providing documents or answers. We had the IRS discriminating against conservative organizations and harassing citizens who were conservative. We had the Secretary of State on a private unsecured server with top secret information and then destroying all documents, servers, computers and cell phones. With Comey publicly addressing everything that was done and then declining to turn over to prosecute and giving Clinton top aids immunity. Where was the media then and American outrage? How about Benghazi where four Americans including our Ambassador were murdered even after numerous requests for increased security? The answer during investigations was they followed protocol. I guess the State Department might want to change protocol. The witnesses from the State Department that represent us overseas sounded more incensed that Trump would fire an ambassador than when terrorists killed one with three other heroes and burned down the embassy. These current “witnesses” gave opinion, not fact, and did no more than complain Trump didn’t follow the protocol of the State Department that failed Benghazi.

Then we come to the FISA Court. The FBI, Democrat Party and Clinton paid for the Steele Dossier. I believe that the dossier was the main reason that warrants were issued to spy on the Trump campaign. The FBI never verified the information. Then we have Democrats calling for impeachment within one day of inauguration when Trump had not done a thing as President but be sworn in. Does that seem remotely suspicious? How many of you agree that you have the right to shout down and harass conservatives? That’s what your Maxine Watters tells people to do. We all have a right to an opinion and the right to free speech, to vote as we choose, to a fair trial, to face our accusers, and to have legal counsel. That didn’t happen with Schiff’s trial. It doesn’t look like it will happen in the next one either. How many more do we have to have so Democrats can get Trump. Don’t we have the right to expect our representatives to speak with courtesy and respect and compromise and act in the interest of the American people? Do all of us have to act like them and show nothing but antipathy toward one another? There is a middle ground here, and we all should be insisting Congress find it and act on it instead of arguing like fifth graders in a schoolyard. Trump may not act like politicians have in the past, but he has done good things for the country. He doesn’t apologize for us. He praises America. The economy is good, taxes are down, unemployment is down in record numbers for women, black Americans, and all minorities. So maybe he does it his way, but he has achieved much of what he promised.

Trump ran on getting out of protecting every country in the world and won. As far as helping Russia, what did Obama do when the Russians invaded Crimea and the Ukraine? Ukraine got blankets. Trump sent money and arms. So who was aiding and abetting whom? Tampering witnesses and abuse of power–it was Schiff who read the text to the witness who had no access during testimony. Abuse of power in my opinion is being done big time by Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives who have done nothing to pass our trade deal, protect our borders, or address the drug crisis or drug prices. The last three years, their attention has been to get Trump, and it looks like that’s all. Oh, I forgot they did legalize killing infants who were tough enough to survive an abortion attempt! As far as profiting, what about Biden? How many of you can make more than $50,000 a month just because your dad has a big job? But again that is off limits. Sorry, but I don’t buy any of these accusations and do believe that Democrats and their media marketing team want nothing but to see Trump destroyed and don’t believe in the Constitution at all. The President has authority to run foreign affairs not the State Department.

Mary Bannick, Isle

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