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Choose empathy, not apathy

I appreciated Don Daher’s letter from last week. May we heed his message before Pres. Trump and his cohorts’ behavior and rhetoric brings war to our own doorstep. War is inhumane, and I hope to see “Veterans for Peace” and the Peace Corps become more vital than a war department.

We who are white, middle class and the working poor need to become more vocal in protesting the inequity of the rich and powerful who become what they are through our labor and our accepting little to nothing.

Our churches and schools could become a great part of healing and repairing past atrocities by being more inclusive and being part of rebuilding the culture and dignity of our own Natives. And too, our country’s leaders, in at least apologizing and especially recognizing our continued part in this and how to heal.

Ponder our humanity, our innate sense of right and our Anisanabi. All are one, and the past is never the past, nor even passed. Deny apathy. Each person’s act denotes a reaction. Act knowing you make a difference.

May climate crisis become our number one voting decision. We need a healthy earth to survive. It is one reason regulation is needed. Do you truly care more for money and the economy than the health of the earth and your children? Stop fossil fuel usage. Stop rhetoric. It’s either money or life.

Konne Carlson, Onamia

Hats off to Wahkon City Council

What a treat to see that other people enjoy bogs. It sounds like the presentation given to Wakhon City Council was top notch. Christina Thurston explained the importance and value of a bog. There is a beautiful “bog walk” in Lake Bemidji State Park. Of course the lady slipper and other orchids are there as well as lots of other wild flowers. Hats off to the Wakhon City Council in understanding how important bogs are and what a rare addition a bog walk would be to this area.

Bruce Goman, Onamia

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