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Big differences but no hate

Make America Hate Again. That was candidate Trump’s implicit promise in 2016 … and I feel he has fulfilled it in spades (if you’ll forgive the expression).

It’s no secret that I have big differences with virtually everything Trump and his followers stand for, but I don’t hate them. Hate is a strong word and an even stronger emotion. Our strength as a country has always (in theory, at least) been based on the idea that we are stronger as a union than as a hodgepodge of individuals and factions. But the sight and sounds this week of the people behind Mr. Trump after his divisive and degrading attack on Ilhan Omar makes me fear that our Union is in danger of unraveling.

So if you share any degree of the depth of my concern, I implore you to make your voice heard: Write a letter. Attend a rally. Talk to your neighbors. Express your concern for Ilhan’s safety and the safely of all of us. And, above all, register and vote in next year’s election.

Guy Roger, Isle

Fabulous 60th anniversary party

We would like to thank our dear family and many friends for the fabulous 60th Anniversary Party.

We are so honored and blessed to have so many friends and family to share this with.

It was very fun and interesting to look through the past 60 years.

Thank you for the many cards and gifts. Love you all

 Ron & Jeanne Johnson, Onamia

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