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Governor’s motives?

In a recent letter, Wendy Kafka states that Governor Tim Walz is a calm leader looking out for the people of Minnesota. Her letter was in response to a writer who had questioned Governor Walz motives. I think we now have a clearer picture of the Governor’s motives. Apparently if you have a “personal” connection with the Governor, such as the owner of The Worlds Largest Candy Store, you are deemed essential and allowed to open. If you are Native [staunch supporters of our hero] and have a casino, you are allowed to open. Heaven forbid we allow churches to open and worship. And last week after the Senate voted down a 2.5% pay raise for state employees, he used his emergency powers to override their vote. This is not a comment on whether or not state employees deserve a raise, but the timing of that raise. 20% unemployment, small business on life support, and a two billion dollar projected budget shortfall suggests this could have been delayed. I applaud our Governor for his military service, but the rest of his existence has been one of tenured employment or legislative/executive at the taxpayers expense without a worry or care about from where next weeks grocery money was coming. So it seems to me that our governor is worried mostly about his cronies and not about small businesses and their valued employees.

Jay Nelson, Milaca

The Earth has a fever

Earth Day has come and gone, though it should be celebrated every day. Our Earth has a fever, Trump and his cohorts are the virus. All life depends on a clean environment – yet Trump and his cohorts continue to slash and burn EPA law and regulations – crime against humanity!?

One person said to me, “God will take care of it.” I say faith without action is moot. You were commanded to be stewards of the Earth. Be the stewards – for your kids’ sake. Consumerism plays greatly into this – stop the rampant collecting of things you don’t need. Think on how your actions contribute to nature’s degradation. As with fossil fuels, as with COVID-19, it’s money or life. Vote climate.

Konne Clarson, Wahkon

Why the exception for Wisconsin band?

A recent edition of Outdoor News (May 15, 2020) included a column regarding the netting of walleyes on Mille Lacs, written by Managing Editor Rob Drieslein. It was a great article.

The column says that five of the Wisconsin Ojibwe tribes (that fish Mille Lacs) opted to stay at home and recognize the coronavirus pandemics protocols. However, another tribe opted to travel to Minnesota to do its annual spring (spawning season) netting of walleyes.

Ok, that was done in accordance with the treaty rights. What concerned me was why the group was allowed to enter Minnesota when there was a stay-at-home order by Gov. Tim Walz. Reading farther into the column, I found out why: Gov. Walz had informed the tribe that he had given them an “exception” to travel into Minnesota to do their netting.

Here in Minnesota, there were people and businesses of all sizes wanting to get “exceptions” but were turned down because of the order.

Was this ruling fair to us who live in Minnesota? I don’t think so. We here in Isle (as with other small communities) have a one-person business that was shut down. Yet Gov. Walz has allowed a group from out of state to enter Minnesota to conduct its business.

Before letting the group enter, was there a public official assigned to assist with social distancing, face mask use, washing hands, and sanitizing public facilities after each use? Was the group tested for the virus before entering?

Well, Gov Walz, you have managed to create a great distance between you and me. You caved in when it’s needed to make a tough decision. You spent many days (and still are) expressing your views on what needs to be done to prevent the virus from spreading.

All that talk has ended up being a bunch of baloney. I don’t think you are the man to govern the state of Minnesota.

Dean Hambleton, Isle

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