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Airport an asset to community

At an Isle City Council meeting recently, the council was informed of a survey of flyers who’ve used the airport over the past year. Results suggest some of the benefits of the local airport to the city and community as well as the flyers.

The survey was sent out to 130 members of the Isle Airport Association (formally known as “Isle Flying Club”), which operates and maintains the airport on its own without any public funding. 70 responses were returned covering 175 flights to the airport. To the question of what types of businesses were visited, responses included resorts, restaurants, gas/convenience, and residence/cabins. The amount spent during these visits was $6265, mostly going directly back into the community. Considering seasonal use only and many more flights unreported, this is good use of the facility. Also, general comments were solicited and 52 responded, all positively. Here are a few of them:

The airport is extremely convenient for me. I use fishing guides, buy bait, enjoy the night life and visit my good friend who has a cabin on the lake.

Isle airport has been a fun stop or sometime a destination for breakfast or lunch. The bikes and courtesy car are much appreciated!

Flying into Isle Airport is a joy. Especially on heavy highway traffic weekends. Very nice to be able to take the courtesy car to nearby resorts or restaurants!

I bought a cabin this year in Isle. The airport was a big factor in my location since I can fly up and walk to my cabin. My son will also be starting flight training at Mankato State, and he and his friends can fly up on weekends to visit like I used to back in the 80s. It’s a great airport for visitors to the area.

Love the grass airstrip. Great adventure. We will fly in more often in 2019. Thanks for the great care you are taking to preserve this fabulous airport and providing a window into the sweet town of Isle.

The airport provides an alternative way to reach destination Isle and surrounding area. It’s a beautiful area and offers resorts, fishing and leisure opportunities that pilots can fly to discover and use.

We hope to communicate more information like this in the future to help promote the positive community image. Looking forward to seeing you at our annual flight breakfast July 14!

Patrick Moenkhaus,


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