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Stop trapping, save the animals

What makes you think that going into nature to murder animals in a painful and gruesome way by trapping is OK? The photo is disgusting! Those dead animals belong to all people. They are an intricate part of nature – a nature already stressed by climate change, environmental degradation and the predation of people like yourself. It’s a big step away from killing an animal for food and wasting its life for the fur. Your “ethical” justifications are weak. Justifying coyotes taking a pet as a reason for trapping ... Trapping only pushes the imbalance of nature. This continued abuse is leading to many species extinction.

You will say, “There are plenty of animals,” until there aren’t. Stop trapping. Save the animals. They have a right to live their lives.

M.K. Perkins-Lindroth, Onamia

COVID didn’t strike to inconvenience us

Get over yourself. COVID-19 didn’t strike just to inconvenience you. Ask the families of the 250,000 dead about inconvenience.

Buck-up, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and help us all conquer this disease.

Mickey Carter,Onamia

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