Question on wall

Has anyone seen that check from Mexico? You know, the one paying for the wall. Just asking.

Mickey Carter, Onamia

We need a plan

On March 23, due to the pandemic, my husband and I left Australia. I had tested negative for COVID in Australia. Our plane was full. At customs (in the USA), we were asked about any illness, a cough, et cetera. Our temperature was not even taken. It was “recommended” that we quarantine.

On that same day, a man from our hometown was returning to Australia where he is a resident.

He was informed that he would be allowed to return home, but he was under quarantine and would be fined thousands of dollars if he did not quarantine along with possible jail time.

A week later, Australia tightened up restrictions so that anyone entering the country was transported to a hotel from the airport when they landed. They were not allowed to leave their room or open a window for two weeks, Food was brought to them. Fines were up to $25,000 with possible jail time.

Since then, Australia has cut off nonessential flights. In Australia, they have had 27,040 (7 million here) cases and 899 deaths (versus 215,000 here). My son lives in Sydney in the state of NSW (population over 8 million). Recently, they had zero new cases in two weeks (now five) with 53 deaths (total).

We have not been safe in the USA due to an administration that disregards scientific evidence and lacks federal rules and regulations to protect us.

We need a plan. We need Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Vote.

Jean Steffensoh, Onamia

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