Hope to see creamery renovation

Walking by the historic creamery building in Onamia, I would note the broken windows, stray cats, garbage, etc.

However, I remember how a city in Iowa renovated one into a beautiful restaurant at a huge expense.

When I heard that Josie and Tom Briscoe were trying to buy it, I couldn’t believe how fortunate that would be for Onamia. These two would turn an eyesore into an inviting, charming business by renovating this landmark in our community that would attract people from many other states since the Briscoes are well known in the antique business. We can definitely use more businesses in Onamia. Quite frankly, I thought it would be such a great asset to our town that it should almost be given to them.

We have lost potential customers that would visit the antique store along with other businesses.

Jean Steffenson, Onamia

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