Hi Again! My name is Niko, and I’m an Alaskan Malamute. So here is an update on what’s been going on. It was a busy weekend as my dad’s good friend celebrated his 86th birthday. Dogs don’t live to be that old, but it sure would be nice if we did! Anyway, his name is Bud, and he used to have dogs cuz he used to hunt a lot. Dad says Bud is one funny guy cuz he tells jokes and likes to laugh and have a good time. I think that is so cool cuz people should do more of that: just have fun! Humans should take more time to have fun just ask a DOG!!! 

OK, so more about the weekend–some friends came up to help put a fan in the wall above the fireplace. I had to stay in the breezeway so I wouldn’t get in the way, but I could see through the door, and that was OK. After that, we went to Mugg’s for treats. Mugg’s is in Wahkon right across the street from Wahkon Inn. They have street parties, car shows, snowmobile shows and all kinds of events. Dogs are welcome, but we gotta stay outside.

We went on a mini road trip today to a place north of Isle called Hawkins Lumber Mill. I think we are getting some wood to burn in the fireplace from them. So when we went through Isle, I thought we would be stopping at the grocery store called “Teals’s”.

That is the place we get my carrots (Crackers) from. We also went up even more north to a place called “Hunter’s Inn”. We didn’t go in, but I think we’ll do lunch there someday. 

Winter is over, and it was a blast as Malamutes love cold and snow. Well, summer is here, and lots of people and dogs to watch. On weekends, it is a constant parade of dogs, people and golf carts! Some of the golf carts have dogs that I swear are driving!!! On the 4th of July, it is really cool, and I enjoy the fireworks over in Isle and all around the lake. The best part is everybody has a good time.

Well today is Friday, and my bet is we’re off to the Vets Club for the meat raffle. Dad seems to win a lot, and I get the bones from steaks and stuff. I need to check my weight as I don’t want to get too heavy. Lots of friends show up, and lots come over to scratch my ears and that is pretty cool! Some are what they call regulars, and they always take time to say hello, like “Gator.” He is the nicest guy, and we like each other. Barb is another one, and Jeff the manager stops by as well as Todd on the weekends. Next week, we are off to Anoka to get me more treats, and dad lets me do my business in my favorite places. He is really good about cleaning up as so many people don’t. If we have time, I’m getting a shampoo and my nails done so I’ll stay cool this summer.

If you want to contact me, my email address is jbduracha@gmail.com. So take care, and remember dogs have feelings too! 

J.B. Duracha is the pen name for the Niko Travels stories. We live in Wahkon and enjoy living here and of course, traveling back to Anoka.

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