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Thursday 02/21/2019
An Acquired taste
Posted: February 21, 2019

I’m usually not one to give millennials and Gen Zers a hard time. Granted, I am undeniably a millennial, so there’s likely some unchecked biases holding me back. It’s a well enough documented process that the arrival of new trends and popular culture will eventually leave an older generation feeling outmoded. Given I barely know who Logan Paul is and have never played Fortnite, I’m guessing I’m already well on my own way out. However, among the trends of my own generation, there is one I’m not sure I can whole-heartedly embrace: a widespread distaste for sparkling water.

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Thursday 01/24/2019
Not quite Neo
Posted: January 24, 2019

Last week, I finally watched the Wachowski sisters’ 1999 classic “The Matrix.” As someone with a modest interest in film (enough so to put in a bit of work getting the word stapled to my B.A., anyway), it’s always been a secret shame of mine that I had avoided such a recent, yet so influential piece of media. And it’s certainly influential. Set against the backdrop of an ever timely science fiction dystopia, “The Matrix” has plenty of iconic scenes: Trinity’s midair kick, Morpheus and Neo’s kung fu sparring and, of course, the famous bullet dodge.

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Thursday 12/27/2018
It all comes Tumblring down
Updated: January 02, 2019 - 6:04 pm

Early this year, I wrote about apathy and disengagement with Facebook as a platform. That hasn’t gotten any less true over the past few months. Now it seems 2018 has another monkey wrench to throw into my social media. Popular blogging platform Tumblr has implemented several policy changes that have driven away users en masse. Seeing the site’s downward spiral the past few weeks has given me opportunity to reflect on my social media presence. This is the time of year people like to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. With 2019 on the horizon, perhaps now is a good time to commit to more productively using my time online.

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Thursday 11/29/2018
Highway driving, party going
Posted: November 29, 2018

There are some roads you know intimately. I would wager that I’ve gone up and down Aitkin County Road 2 some number of thousands of times in the past 26 years. We’ve had our share of rendezvouses, blizzards and flat tires. I bet I could drive the road blindfolded were it not highly illegal. If CR-2 isn’t family, it’s at least a close friend.

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Thursday 11/01/2018
The Shadow over Islesmouth
Updated: November 01, 2018 - 12:53 pm

(A work of fiction written with apologies to H.P. Lovecraft.)

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Thursday 10/04/2018
Living in a world, real or otherwise
Posted: October 04, 2018

When it comes to the musicians behind the radio-friendly alternative rock of the late 90s and early 00s, perhaps none other has so relatable a lyricist as Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas. Whether he’s charmingly singing about mental illness in 2002s “Unwell” or apocalyptic anxieties in 2007s “How Far We’ve Come,” it’s not hard to see the appeal the group has built their 20-year career on. While I’m not sure I’d count them among my favorite artists, I just as well wouldn’t say I dislike Matchbox Twenty either. That being said, one song by the band, 1996s “Real World,” occasionally comes to mind and gives me pause for thought, particularly the chorus: “I wish the real world would just stop hassling me…”

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Thursday 08/23/2018
A Mille Lacs day trip
Posted: August 23, 2018

While conducting an interview with the Lake Mille Lacs Scenic Byway Steering Committee about a month ago, I had a bit of an odd experience. The committee members, near the end of their meeting, flipped the script and asked for my input. As a millennial, they asked, what would you like to see from the Scenic Byway project? At the time, I was caught off guard by the question, only managing to stumble through saying I’d like to see some emphasis placed on local history. The question has remained on my mind these past few weeks, however. If my friends and I were to pay the Mille Lacs area a visit as tourists, what would we end up doing? Today, I’d like to try to answer that question with some degree of honesty.

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Thursday 07/26/2018
Time to revisit The Doctor
Posted: July 26, 2018

This past week, an old friend paid a visit — not one I had expected to welcome back into my life. We hadn’t departed on the best of terms. It was clear to me that this individual’s priorities had changed, and they weren’t the ones I enjoyed when we first started hanging out. She’s looking a bit different these days, but change has always been her style. I’ve heard many friends fault her new look, though for infantile reasons. I’m a progressive who recognizes binary gender is just as much a fiction as space and time travel, and I’m eager to see if Jodi Whittaker’s leading role can get me back into Doctor Who.

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