A hungry and curious bear was caught on photo last week at the Deanna Soderberg residence in Port Mille Lacs on Wigwam Bay. Soderberg chased this young fella or gal off her deck twice while cooking supper last week. She speculates he smelled the chicken cooking through the screen door.

“I’m glad he stayed away from the door,” said Soderberg. “He looks sad, but don’t let it fool you.

He’s quite hefty and not especially afraid of me. He didn’t like the stick I kept banging with.”

Soderberg said the bear came back again, but she told him to go away, and he wandered off.

“He lets me get near him but starts to climb the tree if I get too close. He has beautiful fur, and he’s quite chubby and jiggles when he walks,” quips Soderberg.

The bear has been eating her late blooming raspberries, she said. “When I approach him, he just acts shy,” Soderberg added. “I think it’s the same youngster who was here a month ago. He was raiding the grape jelly in my oriole feeder. I got close to him, and I got growled at. Stopped leaving them out at night and figured he was gone. Guess not.”

Earlier this summer both local DNR and Wild & Free in Garrison had reported increased bear activity in the Mille Lacs area.

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